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A Day on the Planet Trailer

A Day on the Planet (2004)


110 min

Country: Japan

Director: Isao Yukisada

Actors: Ayumi ItoChizuru IkewakiIshino AtsushiKanji TsudaKôji OhkuraMasaki MiuraRena TanakaSatoshi TsumabukiShûji KashiwabaraToshinobu Matsuo

Genres: Drama, Romance

Subtitle: English

1.65/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

A Day on the Planet | Seven friends gather at a party in Kyoto to celebrate Masamichi’s entry to graduate school. Maki & her boyfriend Nakazawa join the party and get drunk easily after the friendship reunion. Kate has a crush on one of the cute guy who doesn’t have any interests on her though. The cheerful and unforgettable night is full of joy while the whales and the thief incidents also attract the attention of them. Before the sunrise, seven friends meet again on the beach so as to witness the fade of youth days.

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