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A Pebble by the Wayside

A Pebble by the Wayside (1938)


131 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tomotaka Tasaka

Actors: Akihiko KatayamaFumiko MatsudairaHisako TakihanaKansho YoshiiMantarô UshioMichiko HoshiReizaburô YamamotoSadako SawamuraShirô IzomeToshimasa Inoue

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

A Pebble by the Wayside | Tomotaka Tasaka’s A Pebble by the Wayside (Robo no Ishi), made in 1938 and taken from a Yuzo Yamamoto novel, takes place around 1902, was about a young boy brought up entirely by his mother since his drunken father is never home. An intelligent teacher wants to send him to middle school, but instead the father apprentices him to a clothing store to which he is in debt. The mother dies and the boy is forced to quit work when his father insults the store owner. Later the boy goes to Tokyo, but only to continue his hardships. First he is forced to do a maid’s job at a boarding house and later is used by an old woman to steal at funerals. Finally he is rescued by the teacher, whom he meets in Tokyo.

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