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A Pool Without Water

A Pool Without Water (1982)


103 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kōji Wakamatsu

Actors: Akemi AsaokaFujio TokitaKenji SawadaMegumi SakiMieReiko NakamuraRikiya YasuokaYoshio HaradaYumiko FujitaYûya Uchida

Genres: Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The man has a monotonous job punching tickets for the Japanese railway. One night, while walking home, he saves Jun from getting raped by two hoodlums. A few days later, he sneaks into her house but gets discovered. Later, as he watches his son subdue an insect with a chemical, the man gets an idea to subdue women while they’re sleeping so he won’t be discovered sneaking into their home. His new hobby spirals out of control as his confidence grows.

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