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A Sun-Tribe Myth from the Bakumatsu Era Trailer

A Sun-Tribe Myth from the Bakumatsu Era (1957)


110 min

Country: Japan

Director: Shôhei ImamuraYûzô Kawashima

Actors: Frankie SakaiHisano YamaokaIzumi AshikawaMasao OdaNobuo KanekoSachiko HidariToshiyuki IchimuraYasukiyo UmenoYôko MinamidaYûjirô Ishihara

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

3.07/ 5 3 votes
Movie plot

Saheji, a man-about-town, gets stuck at a high-class brothel when he can’t pay the bill. He makes the best of his situation by performing various tasks amidst the tumult of the end of the shogunate—but always by making sure to get a “commission” for his troubles.

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