A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Chishû Ryû

Title Year
The Munekata Sisters
A Hen in the Wind
Record of a Tenement Gentleman
Lanterns on Blue Waters
Final Take: The Golden Age of Movies
Tange Sazen
Four Sisters
The Castle of Sand
Luminous Moss
The Last Kamikaze
A Star Athlete
A Visage to Remember
And Then
The Eternal Rainbow
She Was Like a Wild Chrysanthemum
The Snow Flurry
Port of Flowers
Ornamental Hairpin
The Moon Has Risen
Youth of the Son
I Lived, But…
Fireworks Over the Sea
That Night’s Wife
Always in My Heart Part 3
Always in My Heart Part 2
Always in My Heart Part 1
The Good Fairy
Where Spring Comes Late
Home from the Sea
Song of the Flower Basket
The Human Condition III: A Soldier’s Prayer
Home Sweet Home
The Rickshaw Man
Carmen Comes Home
Woman of Tokyo
A Story of Floating Weeds
Tokyo Twilight
Tokyo Story
There Was a Father
The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice
An Autumn Afternoon
Late Spring
Late Autumn
I Flunked, But…
The Only Son
Floating Weeds
Early Summer
Early Spring
Equinox Flower
A Mother Should Be Loved
Good Morning
An Inn in Tokyo
Passing Fancy
Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?
Days of Youth
Satan’s Sword
Battle of the Japan Sea
Miyamoto Musashi
Tora-San 45 – Tora-San Makes Excuses
Tora-San 39 – Tora-san Plays Daddy
Tora-San 28 – Tora-San’s Promise
Tora-San 26 – Tora-San’s Foster Daddy
Tora-San 25 – Tora’s Tropical Fever
Tora-San 21 – Tora-San’s Stage-struck
Tora-San 20 – Tora-San Plays Cupid
Tora-San 15 – Tora-San Meets The Songstress Again
Tora-San 13 – Tora-San’s Lovesick
Tora-San 11 – Tora-san’s Forget Me Not
Tora-San 10 – Tora-San’s Dream Come True
Tora-San 9 – Tora-San’s Dear Old Home
Tora-San 5 – Tora-San’s Runaway
Tora-San 4 – Tora-san’s Grand Scheme
Tora-San 01 Our Lovable Tramp