A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Chôko Iida



The Million Dollar Pursuit
Record of a Tenement Gentleman
Campus A Go-Go
Wild Geese
Policeman’s Diary, Part 2
Mr. Shosuke Ohara
The Dancing Girl of Izu
The Eleventh Hour
Jubilation Street
Our Neighbor, Miss Yae
Yellow Crow
The Trio’s Engagements
Yotsuya Ghost Story Part 2
Yotsuya Ghost Story Part 1
The Lady and the Beard
Growing Up
Summer Clouds
Spring Awakens
Every-Night Dreams
The Other Woman
The Rickshaw Man
What Did the Lady Forget?
A Story of Floating Weeds
The Only Son
I Graduated, But…
An Inn in Tokyo
Passing Fancy
Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?
Tokyo Chorus