A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Mikijirô Hira

Title Year
Private Detective DOBU 3: The Exile Island Murder Case
Private Detective DOBU 2: The Kyoto Murder Case
Private Detective DOBU 1
Two Poor Ronins
20 Duels of Young Shingo – Part 2
20 Duels of Young Shingo – Part 1
Pinwheel Hamakichi’s Spell 2
Mask of the Moon
Pinwheel Hamakichi’s Spell
The Mystery of Rampo
Kumokiri Nizaemon: The Great Bandit
Shogunate Secret Ninja
The Goblin of Mt. Kurama
Early Spring Story
The Bored Samurai
The Shape of Night
Azumi 2: Death or Love
The Red Shadow
Samurai Justice: Assistance in a Duel
The Legend of Zipang
The South Sea Wolf
Miyamoto Musashi: The Duel at Ichijo Temple
Miyamoto Musashi: Birth of Two Sword Style
A Young Warrior on Mount Fuji
Princess Raccoon
Ninja Kids!!!
Pistol Opera
The Face of Another
Illusion of Blood
Lady Sen and Hideyori
Tange Sazen and the Princess
Three Outlaw Samurai
Sword of the Beast
Cash Calls Hell
Thousand Cranes
The Christian Revolt
The Third Ninja
The Great Duel
Life of Hishakaku 2
Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis
Battle Anthem
Adventures of Zatoichi