A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Shin'ichi Chiba

Title Year
Space Sheriff Gavan
Karate Bear Fighter
Karate for Life
The Kamikaze Guy
Japan’s Don
Code of Ruffians
Yakuza Wolf: Extend My Condolences
Shogun’s Shadow
Gang Loyalty and Vengeance
Delinquent Boss: Wolves of the City
The Horrible Obsessions
Roaring Fire
Memoir of Japanese Assassinations
Karate Killer
Here Because of You
Yakuza Wolf
A Kamikaze Cop
The Street Fighter
The Storm Riders
The Golden Bat
The Executioner II: Karate Inferno
The Executioner
The Bullet Train
The Bodyguard
Kamikaze Cop, Marihuana Syndicate
Shogun’s Ninja
Iemitsu, Hikoza and Isshin Tasuke – A National Crisis: Edo Castle in Danger
Return of the Street Fighter
Ninja Wars
Karate Warriors
Invasion of the Neptune Men
Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon
Soul of Chiba
Explosive City
Jail Breakers
13 Steps of Maki: The Young Aristocrats
Karate Bullfighter
The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge
Shotgun Marriage
Samurai Banners
Four Sisters
Shingo’s Ten Duels
Saito Dosan: Rage of Power
Game of Chance 3
Game of Chance 2
Game of Chance
Wandering Ginza Butterfly: She-Cat Gambler
New Shadow Warriors II
Sarutobi Sasuke and the Army of Darkness 4 – The Fire Chapter
Sarutobi Sasuke and the Army of Darkness 3 – The Wind Chapter
Truck Rascals V: Ichibanboshi the Brave
The Young Eagles of the Kamikaze
The Last Kamikaze
Human Torpedoes
Wolf Guy
Resurrection of the Golden Wolf
The Triple Cross
Message from Space
Legend of the Eight Samurai
Hokuriku Proxy War
Fall Guy
Doberman Cop
Battles Without Honor and Humanity: The Complete Saga
Deadly Outlaw: Rekka
The Okinawa War of Ten Years
The Killing Machine
Shadow Warriors Season 01
Okinawa Yakuza War
G.I. Samurai
Samurai Reincarnation
Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima
The Last True Yakuza
Drifting Detective: Tragedy in the Red Valley