A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Tsunehiko Watase

Title Year
Time and Tide
Fossilized Wilderness
Samurai Rebellion
The Fall of Ako Castle
Unified Shadows
Kasajiro: The Kappa Marriage
Kasajiiro: Truncheon versus Sword
Gate of Youth 2
Yakuza vs. Gang Leader
Fate Deals the Card of Death
Operation Plazma in Osaka
Yakuza Wolf: Extend My Condolences
Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds
Girl Boss: Diamond Showdown
A True Story of the Private Ginza Police
The Horrible Obsessions
Troops of Darkness
Three Pretty Devils
Karate Killer
The Rapacious Jailbreaker
Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist
Wandering Ginza Butterfly
Writhing Tongue
Heaven Sent
The Silk Road
Rex: A Dinosaur’s Story
Sailor Suit and Machine Gun
Code of Wolves
The Tattooed Hitman
New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 2: Head of the Boss
New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 1
Violent Panic: The Big Crash
The Three Undelivered Letters
The Incident
The Karate Man and the Spy
Shadow Warriors: Hattori Hanzo
Okinawa Yakuza War
Carmen 1945
Withered Tree, the Adventures of Monjiro
Jeans Blues: No Future
Girl Boss: Escape From Reform School
Aesthetics of a Bullet
1750 Days of Turbulence
August without Emperor
Tora-San 33 – Marriage Counselor Tora-san
Saga Of The Sanada Clan