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All Esper Dayo! Special Edition – Esper, Go to City

All Esper Dayo! Special Edition – Esper, Go to City (2015)

みんな!エスパーだよ!番外編 ~エスパー、都へ行く~

52 min

Country: Japan

Director: Daisuke MatsuoShinya AyabeSion Sono

Actors: Erina ManoKen YasudaMakita SportsManami HashimotoMegumi KagurazakaMotoki FukamiReiya MasakiRie KitaharaShota Sometani

Genres: Comedy, Mystery, TV Movie

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

High school student Yoshio Kamogawa suddenly gained the power to read other people’s minds. One day, he receives mail from Sae Asami in Tokyo asking for his help. Yoshio Kamogawa loves Sae Asami. Yoshio Kamogawa goes to Tokyo and infiltrates the high school where Sae Aami attends. Yoshio Kamogawa then becomes involved in a strife between 3 different groups as he tries to save Sae Asami. Shizuka Tachibana also falls in love with Yoshio Kamogawa.

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