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All Grown Up

All Grown Up (2006)


74 min

Country: Japan

Director: Jirô Ishikawa

Actors: Akiho YoshizawaKokoro HananoSakura HirotaSeiko Yuri

Genres: Drama, Pinku, Romance

Subtitle: English

3.83/ 5 2 votes
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Movie plot

Two stories in movie. Story 1 Yukka is in Tokyo for university entrance exam, and she has to temporarily stay with her Cousin Yoshi. Yoshi is surprised to see his little cousin is grown up as a young beautiful girl. Yoshi cannot help but to fall in love with Yukka, and their relationship starts to change intensely after sudden incident… Story 2 Massah and Misak half-blood siblings. Their father goes on business trip and leaves the siblings staying at home alone. One night, Misak feels depressed coz of sudden break-up with her boyfriend, Massash sympathizes her charming little sister. However he finds his love towards Misak is out of control… results extreme.

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