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Always Smiling

Always Smiling (2003)



Now showing: 11 Episodes

Latest episode: Ep 011Ep 009-010Ep 008

Country: Japan

Actors: Atsuko SakuraiHidetoshi NishijimaHiroshi AbeKatsumi TakahashiMao MiyajiRie ShibataTakanori JinnaiYôko NogiwaYuko Takeuchi

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

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  • Ep 009-010
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Movie plot

Yumi, a 23-year-old office worker, is fired from her job out of the blue. A few days later, coming from a friend’s wedding and having no time to change out of her kimono, she is rushing to an interview for a job at a publishing company. Yumi stumbles into the room, looking for somewhere to change out of her kimono, and finds popular comic book writer Reijiro Sakurai is having an editorial meeting with some staff. He is planning to lock himself away at a hot spring for the next three months to concentrate on his next project. Sakurai comments that if Yumi were to join him he wouldn’t mind being away for so long…, and so their adventure begins.

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