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Angel Guts: Red Classroom

Angel Guts: Red Classroom (1979)

天使のはらわた 赤い教室

79 min

Country: Japan

Director: Chûsei SoneMasao Asada

Actors: Hidetoshi KageyamaJun AkiKeizô KanieKen MizoguchiKenji KasaiMinako MizushimaReimon HoriRyôichi KusanagiToshihiko OdaYūki Mizuhara

Genres: Drama, 18+

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

When Muraki, a porn producer, watches a blue film depicting a gang rape in a school, he becomes obsessed with the lead actress. Quite by chance, whilst looking to reserve a location for a shoot, he happens to encounter her at a love hotel where she works as a receptionist. Her name is Nami and she reluctantly agrees to speak with him, and confesses that it was her in the film. Then, Muraki tells Nami that he wants to help her…

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