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Apart from You

Apart from You (1933)


61 min

Country: Japan

Director: Mikio Naruse

Actors: Akio IsonoKotarô SekiguchiMitsuko YoshikawaMitsuru WakamiyaReikichi KawamuraRyuko FujiShoichi KofujitaSumiko MizukuboTomio AokiYoko Fujita

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Silent Movie

Movie plot

For Apart from You, Mikio Naruse turned his camera on the lives of working women, which he would continue to do throughout his long career. In this gently devastating drama, a critical breakthrough for the director, he contrasts the life of an aging geisha, whose angry teenage son is ashamed of her profession, with that of her youthful counterpart, a lovely young girl resentful of her family for forcing her into a life of ignominy.

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