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Big Boobs Buster

Big Boobs Buster (1990)


60 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hisashi Watanabe

Actors: Asako SakuraAya KatsuragiHarumi KaiHideyo AmamotoMariko ItsukiMarina MatsumotoMasakazu AraiMinori YoshinagaTôru MinegishiUran Hirosaki

Genres: Action, Comedy, Pinku, Science Fiction

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Big Boobs Buster | Another buxom bombshell falls prey to the masked vigilante, the Big Boobs Buster! Rumor has it that the vengeful villainess was once a mild mannered student ridiculed and rejected for her small bust size. Now, the spurned woman gets even by donning a ridiculous costume and taunting her well-endowed nemeses. Will bouncy coeds across the land be forced under cover? Is any bosomy beauty safe from the Big Boobs Buster?

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