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Blazing Famiglia

Blazing Famiglia (2012)

莫逆家族 バクギャクファミーリア

127 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri

Actors: Arata IuraHirofumi AraiJun MurakamiKazuki KitamuraKento HayashiNao OmoriSadawo AbeTatsuya NakamuraTetsuji TamayamaYoshimi Tokui

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

“Blazing Famiglia” centers around a family of former teenage gangsters. Tetsu Hino (Yoshimi Tokui) was once the leader of the most feared motorcycle gang in the Kanto area. Now, Tetsu Hino is middle-aged man who is looked down upon by his rebellious son Shuhei (Kento Hayashi). One day, Tetsu and his old biker gang gather together again after the daughter of a member is assaulted. Tetsu, worried about his day to day life, nevertheless regains the passion from his biker days. Tetsu then finds out that Ken Igarashi (Jun Murakami) is the man behind the attack. Ken Igarashi has had a grudge against Tetsu for a long time.

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