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Blue Lake Girl

Blue Lake Girl (1986)


90 min

Country: Japan

Director: Akio JissojiTsugumi Kitaura

Actors: Chisako HaraIzumi ShimaJin NakayamaKiriko ShimizuMasami HoriuchiMikio OzawaMinori TeradaRyo TamuraYasumi HaraYōko Yamamoto

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Nagare, a painter who wanted to commit a lover’s suicide with Mizue, the wife of his friend and patron Takigawa. Growing afraid at the last moment, he doesn’t go through with it – but Mizue sinks to the bottom of Blue Lake. Some time later, Nagare follows an invitation by Takigawa, who claims to have forgiven everything. To Nagare’s shock, Takigawa’s new wife, Ameko, looks exactly like Mizue. While staying as Takigawa’s guest, Nagare becomes haunted by Mizue’s ghost, who wants to be reunited with him at the bottom of Blue Lake.

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