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Casting Blossoms to the Sky

Casting Blossoms to the Sky (2012)

この空の花 長岡花火物語

160 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masao TakeshitaNobuhiko Ōbayashi

Actors: Koji IshikawaMansaku IkeuchiMasahiro TakashimaMinami InomataNaoyuki MoritaNatsuki HaradaSaki TerashimaTakashi SasanoToshio KakeiYasuko Matsuyuki

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, War

Subtitle: English

4.3/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

In 2011, a journalist arrives in Nagaoka, a Japanese village that underwent destruction during both World War 2 and the 2004 Chuetsu Earthquake, and is now notable for the fireworks it launches annually in memory of the victims of war. She is there for two reasons: firstly, to learn about the experiences of Nagaoka’s inhabitants, and secondly, to watch a stage play written by an enigmatic student of her ex-boyfriend, which depicts the bombing of the city during WWII.

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