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Clamouring Canines

Clamouring Canines (1964)


89 min

Country: Japan

Director: Mitsuo Murayama

Actors: Jirô TamiyaJunichiro YamashitaKatsuo UnoMisae EnomotoRyoichi TamagawaSumiko SakamotoYûko Hamada

Genres: Action, Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Inu Series Collection

A movie series starring Jiro Tamiya as Daisuke Kamoi, a gun maniac known for his action and fashion sense.

Homeless Dog

May 2, 1964
First movie of the Inu series directed by Tokuzō Tanaka

Clamouring Canines

September 17, 1964
The second film in the “Inu” series.

The Dedicated Gunman

January 13, 1965
Third film in the “Inu” series.

Rampaging Dog

May 6, 1965
Abare inu is a 1965 action-comedy film directed by Kazuo Mori. It is the fourth film in the series.

Trigger Happy Romeo

December 24, 1965
Fifth film in the “Inu” series.

Zoku teppō inu

April 9, 1966
Zoku teppō inu (続鉄砲犬) is a 1966 film directed by Mitsuo Murayama. It is the sixth film in the Inu series.

Stray Dog

November 26, 1966
Stray Dog (野良犬) is a 1966 film directed by Yoshio Inoue. It is the seventh film in the Inu series.

Quick-Draw Dog

May 27, 1967
Quick Drawer Dog (早射ち犬 Hayauchi inu) is a 1967 film directed by Tetsutarō Murano. It is the eighth film in the Inu series.

The Silent Gun

October 14, 1967
A series of murders has been committed by someone with a new model gun, a Mord-Gessel X 38. Indeed, Daisuke himself is almost killed while investigating the case. This occurred while he was with Ritsuko, daughter of a company president. Detective Kimura thinks that the president himself, returned to Japan after an absence of fifteen years, might be the killer, or at least the man who supplied the gun. Ritsuko’s father limps and though she explains this as the result of a traffic accident, Kimura remembers a narcotics smuggler named Suginami who shot himself in the ankle and then escaped from the hospital. He believes that the company president and the drug peddler are the same.

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