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Closing Time

Closing Time (1996)

Closing Time

81 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masahiro Kobayashi

Actors: Ako JissojiBengalKazuki KitamuraMari NatsukiRyôta NakanishiSanshô ShinsuiSei HiraizumiTakeo NakaharaYûko Ishiwa

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Closing Time. A down-and-out scriptwriter spends his days and nights in the bars of Tokyo. When he is thrown out of a joint because it is closing time, there is always a willing lady to spend the rest of the night with. In the street he has countless semi-philosophical discussions with fellow drinkers, male and female, (shot in black-and-white, as prologue to the different chapters) but in the end it often comes down to one thing: the bottle of whisky that has to be finished. An encounter with a homeless young man with AIDS marks a turning point in the life of the writer.

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