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Confessions of a Dog Trailer

Confessions of a Dog (2006)


195 min

Country: Japan

Director: Gen Takahashi

Actors: Gen IdemitsuHarumi InoueHironobu NomuraJunichi KawamotoMasahiro YamashitaMegumi YamanakaShirô NamikiShun SugataTaisei MiyamotoYuki Kazamatsuri

Genres: Crime, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Confessions of a Dog | Takeda is an honest police officer, father and husband, but after he’s promoted to detective he quickly becomes embroiled in dirty back room dealings, blackmail, and corruption that goes right to the top of the force. Meanwhile, renegade investigator Kusama must decide whether he should shake the foundations of Japanese law enforcement with the information that has come into his possession about the police.

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