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Corpse Prison: Part 1 Trailer

Corpse Prison: Part 1 (2017)

劇場版 屍囚獄 起ノ篇

75 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hideo Jōjō

Actors: Anna TachibanaJunichiro AsanoManzô ShinraMoemi KatayamaNagomiReimi FujishiroRen FukusakiRyôichi InabaShinichi WagoYouji Unno

Genres: Drama, Horror

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

From the moment she and her fellow students arrive in the mountain village of Yasaka, Mikoto knows that there is something very wrong with this tiny town. Can it really be true that, for 50 years, not a single girl has been born in this isolated community? Despite the fact that Mayor Amano and the other all male residents have enthusiastically welcomed her and the other three coeds attending Professor Ashihara’s overnight seminar, Mikoto can’t shake the sense of increasing dread that consumes her. Something horrible has happened here. Something that is about to happen again. Because the town has been waiting for her. And the other girls. From the pages of the hit online manga published in Web Comic Gamma, the nightmare is about to begin!

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