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Decisive Battle at Kuroda Castle

Decisive Battle at Kuroda Castle (1960)

御存知黒田ぶし 決戦黒田城

74 min

Country: Japan

Director: Gorô Kadono

Actors: Ayame HanazonoBaku MizuharaJûzaburô AkechiKanjûrô ArashiKôtarô BandôNamiji NamiuraSaburō SawaiShōzaburō DateSôten KuniSôzaburô Kikuchi

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

After the massacre of Christians at Shimabara, followers of Amakusa Shiro band together in a plot to overthrow the shogunate in order to exact revenge on the Tokugawa. At the same time there is a succession dispute in the Kuroda clan, as one faction tried to usurp the rightful heir and take over the honored clan. Before his untimely death, the lord of the Kuroda bestowed “Nihongo”, a magnificent spear, on his finest warrior, which ultimately brings him into contact with two of Japan’s most famous historical figures, Yagyu Jubei and Miyamoto Musashi. Can the three masters of martial art join forces to defeat their enemies and save the nation?

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