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Door II: Tokyo Diary

Door II: Tokyo Diary (1991)

Door II: Tokyo Diary

82 min

Country: Japan

Director: Banmei Takahashi

Actors: Chiharu IwamotoChikako AoyamaHiroshi InuzukaJoe YamanakaKeiko TakahashiMinori TeradaShingo KazamiTatsuo YamadaTôru MinegishiYukino Tobita

Genres: Romance, Thriller

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Door II: Tokyo Diary. Ai is a call girl. If her work involves a great deal of risk, she feels free and like fun situations that may seem dangerous … Ai likes to play. she met many customers, sometimes violent, sometimes very sweet , but often crazy… Among these clients, Mr.Mamiya, a strange and captivating artist who gradually will initiate her into SM pleasures. Despite everything, her attraction to him is growing and one day she told him ” I love you “, Next day Ai receives a letter of invitation sent by Mamiya.

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