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Duel at Fort Ezo

Duel at Fort Ezo (1970)


131 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kengo Furusawa

Actors: Kunie TanakaMitsuko BaishôNobuo KanekoRentarou MikuniShigeo TakamatsuShôgo ShimadaTatsuya NakadaiTôru AbeToshio KurosawaYûzô Kayama

Genres: Action

Subtitle: English

4.85/ 5 1 votes
Movie plot

1864. Samurai Shinbei is sent in a secret mission to Ezo, in the North of Japan, to stop riots of villagers commanded by Jirozaemon. A Russian count’s daughter, the village leader’s daughter and a secret treasure add up to the adventure.

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