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Eternal Breasts

Eternal Breasts (1955)


109 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kinuyo TanakaYoshitsugu Nakajima

Actors: Hiroko KawasakiIkuko KimuroKinuyo TanakaMasayuki MoriRyôji HayamaShirô ÔsakaTôru AbeYôko SugiYoshiko TsubouchiYumeji Tsukioka

Genres: Drama, Romance

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Fumiko, mother of two children and wife of an unfaithful man who shows a low self esteem, shares her family life with her budding vocation as a poetess. The beginning of her successful literary career coincides with her divorce and the development of a serious illness: a breast cancer, which leads her to lose her breasts. In the last stage of her life she meets a young journalist arrived from Tokyo, an admirer of her work, who wants to write a story on her life.

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