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Excitement Class: Love Techniques

Excitement Class: Love Techniques (1972)

官能教室 愛のテクニック

72 min

Country: Japan

Director: Noboru TanakaYoshiro Takahashi

Actors: Hidetoshi KageyamaKunio ShimizuMari TanakaMikiko SakaiMoeko EzawaNobutaka MasutomiRikiya DanRyoji NakamuraSeiji Himuro

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

3.45/ 5 3 votes
Movie plot

Tormented by his first sexual stirrings, the teenager Isao dreams every night of his gym teacher Ikuko. He finally opens her heart but she rejects his advances. Frustrated, Isao invents all sorts of stratagies to disgust Ikuko´s fiance, a professor of chemistry in the same school. As his plan fails, he plans a radical solution…and the results turns out to be…

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