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Female Slave Ship Trailer

Female Slave Ship (1960)


83 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yoshiki Onoda

Actors: Bunta SugawaraJun ÔtomoKeiko HamanoKeiko HasegawaKōtarō SugieTetsurō TambaUtako MitsuyaYaeko AraiYôko MiharaYūzō Harumi

Genres: Action, Adventure, War

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The year is 1945, months prior to Japan’s ultimate defeat in WW2, and military lieutenant Sugawa is sent on a critical mission to deliver micro-fiche war plans to Tokyo from his base in Malaysia. But while flying over Chinese waters his plane is shot down and he is taken aboard a ship bound for Shanghai to deliver its merchandise – a ship filled with Female Slaves kidnapped from Japan. Will he abandon the women to pursue his main objective? Or will he fight foes, spies and pirates to save these women against all odds?

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