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Freeway Speedway 3

Freeway Speedway 3 (1991)


95 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yoshihiro Tsukada

Actors: Daisuke NagakuraIkuo FukudaKeiichi TsuchiyaMinoru ToyoshimaNishimura KazuhikoNoriko FujitaReiko TakashimaShûji Kataoka

Genres: Action, Thriller

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Freeway Speedway 3 | Former Megalopolis Express Freeway record holder Kyosuke has retired from street racing and now belongs to a pro racing team. One day while performing time trials, a Toyota Supra comes onto the track and challenges Kyosuke to a race, but he is no match for the former street racing record holder. Kyosuke is still haunted by that devastating crash that occurred on the Expressway a few years ago, which caused him to leave street racing. When Kyosuke hears his old rival, Yusuke has crashed on the freeway while racing the unknown Supra, Kyosuke returns to the Megalopolis Express Freeway for one last street race.

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