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Fugitive Flower Trailer

Fugitive Flower (2018)


25 min

Now showing: 12/12

Latest episode: Ep 012Ep 011Ep 010

Country: Japan

Director: Genta SatouYasoshima Miyako

Actors: Kazuki NamiokaKazuyo AokiKeiko TomitaNaoki KawanoRyûichi ÔuraSora AoiToshiya Nagasawa…Yoshinori MiyataYuki Ikushima

Genres: Crime, Mystery

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Young wife Sakiko is arrested for the murder of her husband. Despite her claim of innocence, that claim is not heard. Sakiko escapes and chases the real criminal who killed her husband. Her only clue is a sight of a tattoo on the murderers back. Sakiko hides in the city at night to find the real culprit. Offering her body to see the back of the men she seeks out, Sakiko must uncover the truth to the murder of her husband before it is too late.

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