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Gambling Kitten

Gambling Kitten (1965)


88 min

Country: Japan

Director: Haruyasu Noguchi

Actors: Eiji GôHideaki NitaniJun TenboKeisuke YukiokaNobuo KawakamiSaburo HiromatsuShuntaro TamamuraSumiko MinamiTatsuya FujiYumiko Nogawa

Genres: Action, Crime

Subtitle: English

3.5/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

Gambling Kitten | Arikawa runs a transport company. But this is only a front for his gambling house. Yuriko is a regular on the scene, and she is fascinated by the dice and the one who throws them. A year before, Yuriko’s father died in mysterious circumstances; she decides to go in search of the truth.

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