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Ghost Cat of Nabeshima

Ghost Cat of Nabeshima (1949)

Nabeshima kaibyou den

83 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kengo FurusawaKunio Watanabe

Actors: Akira NakamuraDenjirô ÔkôchiHaruo TanakaMichiyo KogureRyutaro NagaiSôji KiyokawaUnpei YokoyamaUreo EgawaYatarô KurokawaYônosuke Toba

Genres: Horror, Mystery

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Tanuma Kandayuu is a high class samurai of the house of Nabeshima. He finds a lavish board of Go (a Chinese Board game) at Kinbei’s store. He recommend Kinbei to offer it to his lord. Kinbei hesitates at first, since he knows the board has a mysterious legend surrounding it; it’s believed that for every game played on the board, one death is required.

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