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Hachobori Seven

Hachobori Seven (2000)


55 min

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Country: Japan

Actors: Hiroaki MurakamiSaburô IshikuraTsurutarô Kataoka

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Hachobori Seven | This is the story of seven constables in the district of Hachobori in old Edo. Under the leadership of Inspector Aoyama, they work together to keep the peace, and solve the crimes plaguing the people of the area. The format and story lines are very similar to modern-day crime dramas.

Episodes Name:

01-Gold, Silver, and Copper
02-A Trap with the Box of Coins! The Daighter of a Doshin is Kidnapped
03-The Woman Who Accuses the Yoriki! The Secret of the Sister Who Committed Suicide
04-Suspicious Witness? Heart of a Woman, Love, and Treason
05-The Lullaby of an Evil Woman! The Secret Hidden in Fake Tears
06-I Did Not Kill Anyone! The Woman with Multiple Personalities
07-Covert Operation in Tears! The Woman with Whom a Doshin Fell in Love
08-A Woman Judged By Her Son! The Lies of a Mother Who Risked Her Life
09-A Shadow Attacking the Woman? The Ex-Convict of the Island Falls Into a Trap
10-Resignation Battle for Harakiri

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