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Hanzo: The Razor

Hanzo: The Razor (1984)


106 min

Country: Japan

Director: Eiichi Kudô

Actors: Aiko TachibanaHiroki MatsukataKai AtôKatsuhiko Watabiki…Katsuo NakamuraKazunaga TsujiMinoru UchidaYôko Akino

Genres: Crime, TV Movie

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

A pair of black-robed thieves who robbed many wealthy merchants in Edo one after another. One of them is a young woman who is called “Aoi no Kozo” because she always takes off her skin to show the tattoo on her back. The target of the robbers was the Kogi, and in particular, the big stores that were under the control of Hotta Bizen. Itami Hanzo, a Doshin known as “Kamisori Hanzo” discovers when he tracks down the Aoi no Kozo! What is the truth?!

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