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Helter Skelter Trailer

Helter Skelter (2012)


127 min

Country: Japan

Director: Mika Ninagawa

Actors: Anne SuzukiErika SawajiriGo AyanoHirofumi AraiKaori MomoiKiko MizuharaNao OmoriShinobu TerajimaShow AikawaYosuke Kubozuka

Genres: Horror

Subtitle: English

4.54/ 5 8 votes
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Movie plot

Through round after round of extensive plastic surgery and vigorous maintenance, Ririko has become the absolute manifestation of beauty, and becomes a wildly successful model, actress, and singer. However, soon, her body, unable to withstand the burdens of surgery, begins to crumble, and along with it so does her mind, as she plummets towards a frightening and inevitable end.

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