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House of Himiko Trailer

House of Himiko (2005)


130 min

Country: Japan

Director: Isshin Inudô

Actors: Chiharu MuraishiHidetoshi NishijimaHirokazu InoueJoe Odagiri…Junkyu MoriyamaKo ShibasakiMin TanakaShinichi HatoriTokimasa TanabeTorauemon Utazawa

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

House of Himiko | Saori is a young woman struggling to make her way in life. Her gay father, Himiko, had abandoned Saori and her mother years before. Now her father’s young lover Haruhiko shows up to tell Saori that her father is dying of cancer. Still angry with her father but in need of money, Saori travels to the House of Himiko, a nursing home established by her father for gay men. Over time, a tenuous relationship begins to develop between Saori, her father, and Haruhiko.

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