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Kamome Diner Trailer

Kamome Diner (2006)


102 min

Country: FinlandJapan

Director: Naoko Ogigami

Actors: Hairi KatagiriJarkko NiemiMarkku PeltolaMasako MotaiSatomi KobayashiTarja Markus

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

3.53/ 5 2 votes
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Movie plot

On a quiet street in Helsinki, Sachie has opened a diner featuring rice balls. For a month she has no customers. Then, in short order, she has her first customer, meets Midori, a gangly Japanese tourist, and invites her to stay with her, and meets Masako, a formal and ethereal middle-aged woman whose luggage has gone missing. The three women work in the diner, interact, and serve customers. A somewhat brusque man teaches Sachie to make delicious coffee, then he returns under other circumstances. Three neighborhood women inspect the empty diner every day; will anything bring them inside? We learn why Sachie serves rice balls; but why Finland?

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