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Katasumi (1998)

In a Corner

4 min

Country: Japan

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Actors: Ayako OmuraKanna KashimaTakako Fuji

Genres: Horror

Subtitle: English

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Short film

Movie plot

Katasumi begins with two Japanese schoolgirls (revealed to be Kanna and Hisayo in the first Ju-on film) who are caring for their school’s rabbits. They are sweeping out the cages and feeding the animals when Kanna cuts her hand, and Hisayo leaves her to go into the school and fetch a bandage. When she returns, Kanna is nowhere to be found. The rabbit cages are empty, and bits of blood and fur are strewn about. Hisayo then sees something that looks like a crawling woman (Kayako) begin to move towards her from the far side of the backyard. As she backs into a corner, she finds the body of Kanna amongst the debris from the damaged rabbit cages. She holds a trowel up defensively in front of herself while Kayako closes in upon her. Kanna then moves her bloody head, and looks on as the frightened Hisayo cowers in the corner and waits. The screen fades to black and Hisayo’s fate is left unknown.

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