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Kokkuri-san: Nihon-ban

Kokkuri-san: Nihon-ban (2005)

こっくりさん 日本版

80 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kazuyuki Sakamoto

Actors: Aiko ItoAyano NakamuraHitomi KuriharaKoji IwagawaNao Nagasawa

Genres: Horror

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Many years ago when Cammy (Aiko Ito) was in primary school, she played Kokkurisan with 3 kids. Suddenly, a kid vanished strangely. Now Cammy is grown up and becomes a sales representative of a property company. One day, she goes to investigate about the strange cases happened in a haunted house. Coincidentally, she finds that big house was the home of her old friend who vanished in the past. in the meantime, the psychologist Yuki (Nao Nagasawa) finds that one of her patient was forced to suicide by a kind of strange strength. Before that patient died, she drew a picture of a little girl who wore red clothes and kept on screaming scarily of “Holy Angel”. Beside this, the other friends of Cammy who joined to play the game of Kokkurisan in the past, also encounter strange incidents. Unreasonable disappearance cases happen in many places of the city. To reveal the truth, Cammy and Yuki decide to go back to the old place and call for Kokkurisan again!

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