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Lowly Ronin 6: Betrayal at Yatate Pass

Lowly Ronin 6: Betrayal at Yatate Pass (1983)

素浪人罷り通る 矢立峠に裏切りを見た

91 min

Country: Japan

Director: Ryuichi Takamori

Actors: Bunjaku HanGo WakabayashiIchirô IzawaJun OhbaNoriko SengokuSeiji EndôShigeru IzumiyaToshiaki NishizawaToshirô MifuneYoshirô Aoki

Genres: Action, Drama, TV Movie

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Accused of being a spy for a rival clan by Nanbu Clan samurai who then attack him, the ‘Lowly Ronin’ barely escapes with his life after being shot. Nursed back to health by Yamaoka Daijiro, the one Nanbu Clan retainer that believes him, he must find a way to prove his inno-cence to the others. The two team up together to uncover the mystery and find out who the real spy is that threatens the security of the clan. Against all odds, the two master swordsmen must rely on all their skills to defeat a vast conspiracy and save the clan from being abolished.

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