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Monument to the Girl’s Corps Trailer

Monument to the Girl’s Corps (1968)


125 min

Country: Japan

Director: Saburo EndoTôru MurakawaToshio Masuda

Actors: Eijirô TônoEmiko AzumaHideaki NitaniKôji WadaMasako IzumiMitsuo HamadaNobuko OtowaSayuri YoshinagaYoshirô AokiYuji Odaka

Genres: Drama, War

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

In 1943, critical developments in the Pacific War have placed Japan at a disadvantage, although the fiery breaths of war hadn’t yet reached Okinawa Normal School for women. Nothing seemed the least bit out of the ordinary, as Kazuko and her friends enjoyed a day of sports. A year later the war takes a devastating turn, as US forces plan an amphibious attack known as “Operation Iceberg” on the Ryukyu island.

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