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Nemuri Kyoshiro 2 : Conspiracy in Edo Castle

Nemuri Kyoshiro 2 : Conspiracy in Edo Castle (1993)

Country: Japan

Director: Tokuzô Tanaka

Actors: SAITO KeiShinoda SaburoTamura MasakazuYamamura So

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

This is the second TV special of Nemuri Kyoshiro starring Tamura Masakazu. Story: Sakai Nobunari an Elder in ‘Honmaru’ (or the main enclosure) and Mizuno Tadakuni an Elder in ‘Nishinomaru’ (or the south-east enclosure) have been at odds behind the scenes over the marriage of Tokugawa Ieyoshi, heir to the Shogunate. Kyoshiro, who has come back in Edo after 3 years is involved in it against his will. It’s because he gets to know Lady Mihoyo who is a spy for Sakai and looks exactly like his late mother. As she couldn’t complete her mission she has nowhere to go. Kyoshiro shelters her from both parties that seek her life. The original story is from “Nemuri Kyoshiro Burai Hikae” written by Shibata Renzaburo. Not only is one of Japan’s greatest legends kept alive, but some secrets of Kyoshiro’s past are finally revealed for the first time. You must see this film to learn the real story of the ‘Full Moon’ killer! With actor Tamura’s superb and very stylish swordplay, a great storyline, and excellent music score, this is a must-have for any fan of Nemuri Kyoshiro!

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