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Ninja Gangsters: Extorting from the Bad!

Ninja Gangsters: Extorting from the Bad! (1981)

91 mins

Country: Japan

Actors: Gannosuke AshiyaHiroki MatsukataNobuaki Kawai

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The Onmitsu, Sanzo and Yumenogosuke are ordered to find out if the feudal lord’s offer of medical treatment is true or not. They risk their lives to infiltrate the domain and report that the feudal lord was locked in a prison cell by a group of Karo lords. However, after three months, nothing is heard from him. Sanzo is furious at being neglected and quits the covert service, saying that he has run out of loyalty to the lord. Sanzo is attacked by a Kogi, but Gosuke comes to his rescue just in time, and the two become Ronins and set out on a journey out of Edo. They are also attacked by their pursuers at Tobakujo. The report is suppressed because Danjo Ito, a Karo of the Nagaoka domain, has given a large sum of money to a shogunate official. The two decide to find and rob Ito’s money tree and head for the Nagaoka domain.

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