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Ninja Gangsters II: Lullaby From Hell

Ninja Gangsters II: Lullaby From Hell (1982)

91 mins

Country: Japan

Actors: Etsuko ShihomiGannosuke AshiyaHiroki MatsukataIzumi AyukawaMikio NaritaShôhei Hino

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Formerly a secret agent of the shogunate, Sanzo and Yumenogosuke are now on the run, with their lives in danger, and make their way to Kurume Castle in Kyushu. Sanzo extorts an official patrolman but is caught and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, Gosuke meets Tanokura Tanosuke and Otoyo, a street performer couple traveling with their son, Daikichi. However, they are attacked by a group of samurai. Saved by a female swordsman dressed as a man, the Tanokura family heads for Hiyoshi. Gosuke rescues Sanzo from prison, and in order to get even more money, the two fool the patrolmen into believing that they have been attacked by a gang of kororis and detain them, then pretend to be the patrolmen and head for Hitoyoshi. At the same time, Hitoyoshi’s Karo, Ijuin Taito, is plotting to take control of the clan under the pretense of the illness of the clan’s lord.

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