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Ninja Vixens: Crimson Blades

Ninja Vixens: Crimson Blades (2000)

Kunoichi nimpoden: Kurenai no yaiba

81 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hitoshi Taguchi

Actors: Kenji AraiMayuko SawadaMudo OdaReikaRyouji SugimotoYukashi Otaki

Genres: Action

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Hearts burn with crimson flames, as blades thrash through the darkness! Rogue ninja Shinobu uses all the weapons at her command to terminate the local corrupt politicians – including her seductive body! Hunted by her former lover and captured by a sadistic assassin, the helpless Shinobu is drugged and ruthlessly tortured – until this magnificent NINJA VIXEN slices through the threads of fate with her shining and sexy blade. Desire, danger and destiny combine in this red-hot, sensual samurai thriller, starring the voluptuous Yukashi Otaki in her film debut!

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