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Ninja Vixens: Flame of Seduction

Ninja Vixens: Flame of Seduction

Kunoichi nimpoden: Kaen imbi

70 min

Country: Japan

Director: Daiji Hattori

Actors: Kazuya IshizakiKogan AshiyaKoichi KiraMisa MochizukiNao OikawaSara ShimadaShou AzakiToshiyuki AokiTsuyoshi Fuyumi

Genres: Pinku, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Sara Shimada stars as ninja vixen Iris, who’s searching far and wide for a samurai to help her defeat her evil sister, the mighty and fearless Queen Dark Mist. As she prepares for the ultimate battle of sibling rivalry, Iris’s prayers are answered when she meets a beautiful mute who possesses a great power: the “Flame of Seduction.” The two brave female warriors combine skills in combat and physical magnetism to ensure justice is served.

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