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Ninja Vixens: Forbidden Paradise

Ninja Vixens: Forbidden Paradise

Kunoichi nimpoden: Shinobi kunoichi garden

76 min

Country: Japan

Director: Nobuyuki Sakai

Actors: Katou MasakiKeiji MatsudaKenji TakaokaMisaki KandaMizuho EnomotoYuuki Matsuda

Genres: Pinku

Subtitle: English

4.8/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

Mizuho Enomoto debuts as Myst, one of two beautiful ninja sisters who save Iyori, a young samurai on the run. Myst and Bell have a secret, though – one they’ll do anything to protect! As they nurse Iyori back to health, love blossoms – not just between two of them, but between all three! But when Myst’s mentor, the demon hag Ogen, shows up looking for a deadly revenge, their forbidden paradise could be shattered forever!

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