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Onibi: The Fire Within Trailer

Onibi: The Fire Within (1997)


101 min

Country: Japan

Director: Rokuro Mochizuki

Actors: Ei KawakamiHiroyuki TsunekawaKazuki KitamuraReiko KataokaRyûshi MizukamiSeiroku NakazawaSho AikawaToshihiro KinomotoYoshiaki FujitaYoshio Harada

Genres: Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

After spending over half his life in prison, ex-hitman Kunihiro is determined to go straight. But the shortcomings of the new gangs mean that he is soon having to call on his old-school yakuza talents. And when he falls for Asako, a beautiful piano player, she unknowingly ignites a fire within Kuni that will immolate everything and everybody around him. Regarded by many as his masterpiece, Onibi has all the hallmarks of a Mochizuki film, with the gangster elements tightly compressed and controlled to allow space in which a subdued romance can bloom. Coming from a background in porno cinema, this master of sexual relations injects a fresh passion and tension into the macho world of the yakuza film.

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