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Perfect Education 5: Amazing Story

Perfect Education 5: Amazing Story (2004)

完全なる飼育 女理髪市の恋

103 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masahiro KobayashiMasato Tanno

Actors: Jiro SatoKazuki KitamuraKeiko OginomeNaoto TakenakaYasufumi Hayashi

Genres: Drama, Pinku, Romance, Thriller

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Because of the desolate landscape, Kobayashi chose snow-covered Hokkaido (the most northern island of Japan) as the setting for Amazing Story, a light-erotic drama about a lonely man, Kenji, who kidnaps the woman of his dreams. The woman is Harumi, a hairdresser in the deserted town where Kenji has just arrived. It’s never really busy in her business. Harumi’s husband is a gambling addict and spends all Harumi’s money. Maybe that’s why Harumi doesn’t try very hard to escape when Kenji kidnaps her. His concern about her and his boundless worship probably help, too. Something strange and beautiful blossoms between the kidnapper and his victim, but can this be the basis of a long and happy encounter?

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