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Pool Trailer

Pool (2009)


96 min

Country: JapanThailand

Director: Chidchanok PlodripuMika Ohmori

Actors: KanaMasako MotaiRyô Kase…Satomi KobayashiSittichai Kongpila

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Pool | A story of 6 days with 5 people gathered around a small sparkling pool at Chiang Mai in Thailand. 4 years ago, Kyoko started to live in Thailand and has been working in a Guest house outside in Chiang Mai, leaving her mother and her daughter Sayo, in Japan. Just before the graduation of University, Sayo sets foot on Thailand to visit her mother with mixed feelings. However, emotional experiences with the people living there changes such feelings toward her mother.

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